Thursday, September 4, 2014

Be sure to always install the VMware tools onto a VM. It is a really big help with the video and mouse but you get a faster better NIC.

Once you have created a VM or converted a physical machine to a VM.  (Note: if it was a physical machine you need to uninstall all the drivers and software that were specific to the physical machines hardware as it will just be wasted resources ad they no longer exist.)

Installing VMware tools requires a reboot so do it early in your process or if you used vmware converter you can choose to automatically install it during the VM cloning process. In this case I am assuming you built the VM from an ISO file. While in vsphere you need to right-click the VM and choose Open Console, then choose VM, Guest, Install/upgrade VMware Tools. Now simply choose VM, Guest, Send Ctrl+Alt+Del and log onto the vm and follow the prompts. If it does not auto-start the VMware Tools CD, then use explorer to go the the D: drive and run the exe from there for the appropriate OS type. If you do not have a CD drive you need to add one to the VM. Once it is installed it will ask you to reboot, say yes and reboot.
Once the VM has rebooted you can power it off and then edit it by right-clicking and choosing Edit Settings.
Remove the E1000 NIC and add a new NIC the VMXNET 3. The e1000 NIC has issues and is slower than the VMXnet 3. Start your VM and add your IP and turn off the firewall and allow RDP and you can now access the VM remotely.

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