Thursday, September 4, 2014

Using the Notes field for a VM to help with reports and knowing what that VM is and or does

Once you have a VM built and you are using vsphere you can add a note to the VM so you know what is is or does.

When you complete the server creation you will click on the Virtual Servers Tab and then click in the Notes space at the end of the server.
It will open a small dialog box, input the required data and then click in the white area out of the dialog box to save the information added.

When you create a server in either Hyper-V or VMware what you name the server in the VM management tool is not the servers real name, so you can call it anything,  or make it as long as the VM manager allows. The Real Server name is the name it is give within the windows OS.

In VMware if you are in the Virtual Machines Tab you can right-click the Column header bar and edit what you see or do not want to see.  This is handy because if you allow the IP Address and one does not show up, you will know that the VMware Tools has not be installed or needs re-installed to repair an issue. Also you can see I want to see how much memory and CPU’s are assigned per server.

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