Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to convert a Vmware VM disk from IDE to SCSI

from the vmware KB library will get you there but I will put them here as well but in more precise terms..

  1. Enable SSH on the vhost that the VM resides on.
  2. Install the Vmware tools if not already installed and power OFF the virtual machine.
  3. From the Edit Settings menu for this virtual machine:
    • Click Add > Hard Disk > Create New Virtual Disk.
    • Change the Capacity to 1GB and click Next.
    • Make sure the Virtual Device Node is checked and set to SCSI.(0:0)
    • Complete the wizard
    • Select the New SCSI Controller. If the current type is not LSI Logic Parallel Select Change Type, change the type to LSI Logic Parallel.
    •  Click OK.
  4. Power on the virtual machine and log on.
  5. Power off the virtual machine.
  6. Locate the datastore path where the virtual machine resides by editing the VM and looking at the path to the Disk you are wanting to change from IDE to SCSI,/vmfs/volumes/<datastore_name>/<vm_name>/
  7. Using WinSCP put in the IP address of the vhost, UserID and PWD and choose SFTP and login
  8. Browse to vmfs/voulumes/VMname/VMname.vmdk
  9. Right click the VMname.vmdk file and choose edit
  10. Look for the line:ddb.adapterType = "ide"
  11. To change the adapter type to LSI Logic change the line to:
    ddb.adapterType = "lsilogic"

    In some rare instances the entry will appear as ddb.adapterType = "legacyESX". In this case change the line to:

    ddb.adapterType = "lsilogic"
  12. Save the file. 
  13. From VMware Infrastructure/vSphere Client:
    1. Click Edit Settings for the virtual machine.
    2. Select the IDE virtual disk.
    3. Choose to Remove the Disk from the virtual machine.
    4. Click OK.

      CautionDo not choose delete from disk.
  14. From the Edit Settings menu for this virtual machine:
    1. Click Add > Hard Disk > Use Existing Virtual Disk.
    2. Navigate to the location of the disk and select to add it into the virtual machine.
    3. Choose the same controller as in Step 9 as the adapter type. The SCSI ID should read SCSI 0:0.
  15. If a CDROM device exists in the virtual machine it may need to have the IDE channel adjusted from IDE 0:1 to IDE 0:0. If this option is greyed out, remove the CD-ROM from the virtual machine and add it back. This sets it to IDE 0:0 or SCSI (0:1)
  16. Start the VM and you should now have a SCSI disk.

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