Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to access the vmware vhost and upload files and or install those files.

Ok so I work Dell servers and as such we install the free product call Dell Open manage.  The best way to get the install package to the server and then install it is by enabling SSH on the vhost and using a product WinSCP. You can get it here and also get Putty there is you need an easy product to manage your firewalls etc.

SSH is not enable by default so you must enable it, to enable SSH while remoted to the vhost via vsphere client (you can download the vsphere client from the vhost by pointing a web browser at the IP of the vhost), In the configuration tab, choose "Security Profile" click properties (upper right) scroll to SSH and highlight it and then click the Options button, click Start, click OK, click OK. SSH is now running and when you reboot it will not be started. If you want it started and running all the time you need to have changed the option to start and stop with server..

Then you start WwinSCP from a machine that can see the VHost on the network
Input the name or IP of the VHost
Input your Userid = usually root
Input your password
Choose SFTP
Click Login

if it says there is a connection error you either did not enable SSH on the vhost or your not on the same network as the vhost.

If it asks you a really long question answer yes, now you will see a explorer like window and you can now find the Dell Open Manage install file (usually a zip file) and copy to the vhost. I usually put it into /var/log/vmware, once the file is uploaded, you need to install the package. to do this simply click the little dark sqaure with HOM in it on under the texts menu. Click OK and it will open a console window on the vhost. now you just need to copy and paste the install command esxcli software vib install -d /var/log/vmware/ (note edit the file name to the current version) click Exceute and it will install the Dell Open manage package and you will need to rebot the vhost.

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